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Cuppa For Two

Cuppa For Two


Cuppa for Two is a taster package of two of Cuppa London’s best seller blends, one black tea based and one green tea based, plus a popular cotton tea bag. The two blends included in this package will give tea lovers a great familiarity with the quality of the black and green tea we use for our blends, as well as the unique taste and aroma they have because of all the natural herbs and flowers we use to create them. 

Cuppa’s blends are popular because they are different from any other blend you have tasted. They are inspired by Persian culture of herbal teas and home made blends. All the blends have therapeutic characteristics. 


Our most popular tea blends are:

Black Tea Based

Mon Amie La Rose: made of black tea, rose petals, rose buds, cardamom and saffron. 

This blend is well balanced and has a delicate floral taste and a soothing smell. Saffron has a calming effect and can improve the mood and reduce stress and cramps.


Summer Night: made of black tea, orange blossoms, cardamom and cinnamon.

This  blend has a warm citrusy taste, and is best for those who have sweet cravings at nights. Best choice for an after dinner drink.


Green Tea Based

Almost Like being in Love: made of green tea, lemon verbena, cardamom and saffron. 

This blend is an authentic Persian inspired blend. It is super refreshing and because it is mixed with lemon verbena, it has a lemony taste and aroma. Therefore, it is a great option for those who do not like the taste of green tea but want to drink it because of its benefits. 


Minty Dream: made of green tea, mint and cacao shells. 

It has a fresh and minty aroma (reminds of After Eight Chocolates). The taste of cacao is not that strong though, it rather gives a creamy feel to the blend. It is a good choice for an after dinner tea.


All these blends are relaxing and refreshing.  

In each box, you will receive one surprise black tea based blend, one surprise green tea based blends plus a cotton tea bag.