My Story

Having been brought up in a culture in which tea plays a great role in every family gathering, I have always been fascinated by how it can simply lighten up every one’s mood almost immediately.

I remember, each night after dinner the four of us would sit together and while watching a movie or a program on the telly we would wait for the tea to be brewed. And when the colour and the smell was just right, my mom would pour a glass of beautifully coloured back tea for each one of us and we would treat ourselves to a bit of chocolate or a piece of traditional Persian cakes and desserts and on that tune end the night.

This simple joy would always give the whole day a meaning. I remember how my dad believed that if he added saffron to our black tea we would smile more and have a better mood that night. 

I remember how on some days when I had bad cramps or just a basic stomachache, my mom would make some herbal magic with mint or camomile and some Nabat (persian sugar with saffron) and how the warmth of the blend would make the pain go away.


I remember how on our visits to the countryside my sister and I used to pick orange blossoms and lavender so that my mom could be creative and with the help of some cinnamon that night she could make a special mix of flowers that smelled like heaven and tasted like childhood.

IMG_6004 (1).JPG

All these memories are the reason why I believe in the power of tea and the art of tea making today. I always dreamt of turning these memories into an experience and share them with everyone.

I believe now more than ever, in our busy lives and our day to day routine, we need to find time to sit, enjoy the moment and contemplate. And what better way to do so than brewing our loose leaves and favorite tea blends while waiting for that perfect aroma and heartwarming taste?