Blended in London

Our aim

Cuppa aims at bringing the Persian culture of loose tea leaves and herbal blends to Londoners’ busy lifestyles.


With Covid, we all realised that self care should be the most important thing in our lives and that the time we spend for our body’s well being is a time well spent. 

Our aim for 2021 is to introduce our loose leaf blends to more women! We believe that the future of our planet is in women’s hands. Women can play a great role in changing our habits regarding the way we consume and produce waste. Using loose leaf tea is a great step to familiarise friends and members of family with a new way of drinking tea that benefits both our health and the planet. Let’s get a kettle, a pot and spread our love in the shape of a good cup of tea.

How Are We Different?

Cuppa is a 100% natural brand. Unlike the commercial brands, all the blends that Cuppa offers have zero added flavourings, additives or preservatives. Cuppa also introduces new herbs and blends that are novel. 

Almost all the herbs used in Cuppa blends have medicinal benefits that can help boost the immune system and general health if used in a regular manner.